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CLC Conic

CLC Conic.
Easy but sophisticated

CLC Conic.
Easy but sophisticated

It represents a unique system, whose features promote the conditions for obtaining long- time aesthetic and functional results. CLC CONIC is an ergonomic and flexible implant system, these characteristics allow an universal use in every quality of bones and in every type of treatment.

CLC CONIC is the result of the combination between clinicians experience and researchers background from the most prestigious European and US universities. CLC CONIC presents some strengths that compete to achieve high quality standard.

1. High manufacturing standards

we utilize a high precision production process and we continuosly control the supply chain to guarantee an high level of quality: from the raw material choice , titanium IV and V, to the final product, across the different manufacturing process phases for implants and their components. The internal and external geometries are made by the latest and innovative machineries, that permit to respect the high and strict quality standard. All the manufacturing and design processes are entirely made in Italy.

2. Surface treated with S.L.A. method

The implant surface is modified with S.L.A. method, that is realized through a sandblasting process and then an acidification process, in order to achieve an average roughness (Sa 1.3 um), increasing the contact area between the implant and the bone and improving the osteoblast response.

3. Conical connection and platform switching

The CLC CONIC is equipped with a 6° conical abutment - implant connection which helps to preserve the integrity of the marginal bone tissue and per-implant soft tissues. The conical connection permits to the implant to be mechanically and biologically similar to a mono-block structure, while maintaining the advantages of 2 - components system.
The transition between the implant and abutment, from the outer position of the fixture to the more central one, offers the ideal shape for tissue adaptation.

4. High primary functional stability

The shape of the implant is designed to guarantee the maximum adaptability to every kind of bone. the body of the implant is made by a Gear Shape thread, constituted by a 25 micron double concavity, that fosters primary functional stability for osseointegration. The apical macro grooves support secondary stability and promote anti rotational function. The atraumatic neck assure an optimal load distribution in the peri-implant bone margin and minimizes bone trauma caused by implant insertion

5. Easy and ergonomic prosthetic system

The CLC CONIC implant system has only one implant platform, so only one type of connection. In this way, the prosthetic abutments and tools can be used for all the implant diameters. This means that the number of components and tools required is greatly reduced. CLC SCIENTIFIC truly believes that the ease of use and ergonomics of an implant system are determining factors for clinical success.


d/h 06mm 08mm 10mm 12mm 14mm


Download the catalog and go to page 5 for the size of the systems

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