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Computer Guided

Technical characteristics

CLC SCIENTIFIC offers a complete and reliable system, for all the diameters of CLC CONIC line, of computer guided surgery for diagnosis, planning and treatment for every case: from the single tooth to the edentulous arch. CLC CONIC implant system in combination with CLC computer guided technology guarantees accurate procedures, predictable aesthetic results and lasting successes. The computer guided system can be used with the planning softwares on the side.



Patient’s examination and treatment plan development, analyzing the aesthetics, patient’s functionality and vertical opening. The occlusal index and the patient’s dental impressions are used during the building of the radiological guide.

Data Acquisition: CT/CBCT imaging

For the acquisition of diagnostic images of jawbone it is necessary to use a CBCT or a CT-Scan.

Implant planning

To define the position of the implant it is necessary to use a planning software that suggests safe and predictable implant solutions to the professional, in order to guarantee the perfect correlation between the patient’s anatomy and the prosthetic rebuilding. The softwares listed at the end of this section are compatible with CLC CONIC implant, with digital kits and with dental sleeves, and can be used for a safe and accurate implant treatment.

Designing Software

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