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Computer Guided

Computer guided

Rapid diagnostics for patients serenity

Professionals benefit safe design with predictable results, in addition to lowered treatment time. Moreover, patient’s discomfort is minimized while improving the experience

Planning security

Through 3D datas acquisition, it is possible to schedule safe and accurate implant treatments and restorations. Thanks to an accurate digital planning it’s guaranteed not to damage major anatomic structures.

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Initial situation

After the clinical evaluation of the patient’s medical history and the data collection (dental records, scans, TC etc…), the dentist can make a diagnosis and then develop a treatment plan that will meet the patient’s aesthetic and functional requirements. The doctor presents all the possible options to the patient, supporting him during the choice of the most suitable alternative.


Datas acquisition: CT/CBCT imaging

For the acquisition of diagnostic images of jawbone it is necessary to use a CBCT or a CT-Scan.


Implant planning

To define the position of the implant it is necessary to use a planning software that suggests safe and predictable implant solutions to the professional, in order to guarantee the perfect correlation between the patient’s anatomy and the prosthetic solutions. The softwares listed at the end of this section are compatible with CLC CONIC implant and can be used for a safe and accurate implant treatment.


Guided surgery

Implant positioning datas are used during the production of guided surgery guides. After the implant planning, implant coordinates and placement can be used to produce a temporary CAD CAM prosthetic solution.


Implant surgery

Next step is the guided surgery, so the implants placement in selected sites using an individualised guide, that guarantees safe and predictable results.

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