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Digital Workflow

Cad Cam workflow

1. Data acquisition

The workflow begins with data acquisition made by the dentist in digital or in traditional way.
Traditional impression: the dentist sends the traditional impression to the dental lab that digitizes the cast model.
Digital impression: the dentist sends the digital impression as a .STL or .DCM. file to the dental laboratory.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The dental lab downloads CLC libraries for Exocad and 3Shape from CLC website, in order to realise the CAD planning. At this point the dental laboratory will digitally design the prosthesis or the abutment according to the clinician’s requirements

3. Computer Aided manufacture (CAM)

Depending on the type of processing chosen, the dental laboratory will proceed with the direct digital realization of the crown and / or the prosthetic abutment via CAM or will carry out the prototyping of the digital model, then proceeding to the creation of the prosthetic product according to traditional method.

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