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Kit Computer Guided

Kit Computer Guided

Product description Code Quantity
Tissue Punch step I MUCC5 1
Tissue Punch step I MDGU01 1
Twist drill Ø2,2mm H8mm TDGCL228 1
Twist drill Ø2,2mm H10mm TDGCL2210 1
Twist drill Ø2,2mm H12mm TDGCL2212 1
Twist drill Ø2,2mm H14mm TDGCL2214 1
Twist drill Ø2,8mm H8mm TDGCL288 1
Twist drill Ø2,8mm H10mm TDGCL2810 1
Twist drill Ø2,8mm H12mm TDGCL2812 1
Twist drill Ø2,8mm H14mm TDGCL2814 1
Twist drill Ø3,3mm H8mm TDGCL338 1
Twist drill Ø3,3mm H10mm TDGCL3310 1
Twist drill Ø3,3mm H12mm TDGCL3312 1
Twist drill Ø3,3mm H14mm TDGCL3314 1
Twist drill Ø3,8mm H8mm TDGCL388 1
Twist drill Ø3,8mm H10mm TDGCL3810 1
Twist drill Ø3,8mm H12mm TDGCL3812 1
Product description Code Quantity
Twist drill Ø3,8mm H14mm TDGCL3814 1
Twist drill Ø4,2mm H8mm TDGCL428 1
Twist drill Ø4,2mm H10mm TDGCL4210 1
Twist drill Ø4,2mm H12mm TDGCL4212 1
Twist drill Ø4,2mm H14mm TDGCL4214 1
Countersink drill Ø3,5 CSGCL35 1
Countersink drill Ø4,0 CSGCL40 1
Countersink drill Ø4,5 CSGCL45 1
Countersink drill Ø5,0 CSGCL50 1
Hex driver Handle DRCOG13 1
Hex Driver Fa MNCOG13 1
Adapter for ratchet wrench ADCOG01 1
Adapter for Contra-angle MNCOGM 1
Mounter MNGCL01 1
Pin Drill FBC02 1
Pin PINGU01 1
Ratchet Wrench CRCO02 1

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