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Mini surgical kit

Mini surgical kit

Product description Code Quantity
Twist drill Ø2,0mm TDCL216 1
Twist drill Ø2,8mm TDCL2816 1
Twist drill Ø3,3mm TDCL3316 1
Twist drill Ø3,8mm TDCL3816 1
Pilot drill Ø2,8mm PDCL28 1
Pilot drill Ø3,3mm PDCL33 1
Countersink drill Ø3,5mm CSCL35 1
Countersink drill Ø4,0mm CSCL4 1
Countersink drill Ø4,5mm CSCL45 1
Indicator pin PRCL01 1
Hex driver handle DRCL13M 1
Implant driver handle DRCLM 1
Implant driver fa MNCLM 1
Ratchet wrench CRIC02 1

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