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Smile Design: 2D/3D digital flow

Dear Client, we are pleased to invite you, on Saturday 01/12/2018, to the “Smile Design: 2D/3D digital flow” course organised by CLC SCIENTIFIC in cooperation with 3D Lynx, in the Studio Dentistico Associato SBM in Via Vecchia Ferriera 18 in Vicenza.

9:00-10:00: Introduction to the Smile Design flow and photographic technique (theoric part).

10:00-12:30: Photographic exercise and practice with Smile Design software for the creation of two projects (practical part).

12:30-13:00: Information about the digital mock-up creation with CAD software starting with Smile Design project (theorical part).

14:00: Brief description of initiatives and innovation in CLC SCIENTIFIC Studio.

It is recommended to install the Smile Lynx software beta version in the five days before the course, because the version only lasts five days.

Please contact Dr. Manzanella for any query about the software installation, at this e-mail address tiziana@3d-lynx.com or at the number +39 3346267616.

To better organise the event, we ask you to communicate your presence not later the 26/10/2018 by accessing the form down below or by contacting CLC SCIENTIFIC administration, whose e-mail address is administration@clcscientific.com and telephone number 0444 291168.