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Prosthetic Kit

Prosthetic Kit

Product description Code Quantity
Hex driver handle medium DRCL13M 1
Abutment remover ESCL01 1
Implant driver handle long DRCLL 1
Ratchet wrench CRIC01 1
Hex driver handle short DRCL13S On request
Hex driver handle long DRCL13L On request
Angled hex driver fa KACTFIL32 On request
Adapter ADDRCO On request
Implant driver handle medium DRCLM On request
Equator square screwdriver 774CHE On request
Sfero driver DRCSF16 On request
Indicator for peri implant mucosa depth MPCL01 On request
Laboratory abutment straight MOCCO465 On request
Laboratory abutment angled 15° MOCCO315 On request
Laboratory abutment angled 25° MOCCO325 On request

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