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Quality, for CLC SCIENTIFIC, is a fundamental and primary value to guarantee the excellence of implant treatment. The quality control policy is the central and integral point of the company's vision and mission. The quaity policy is focused on innovation and improvement of the processes, in order to provide benefits for both our clients and patients.

CLC SCIENTIFIC’s products quality control consists in two processes, one carried out inside the company and the other outside the company, in indipendent audit centers which are experts in dental implants field. The double control allows us to guarantee a steady and excellent quality standard to our customers, by combining the direct internal control of CLC SCIENTIFIC with an objective external control. Our product and processes must respect high quality standards, which include biocompatibility, resistance and duration.

Internal quality control system

Our products quality control system is divided in two phases of the supply chain:


Dimensional control of diameter and tollerance +/- 0,009 mm. In this phase a millesimal micrometer is used.


Suppliers guarantee that the material consistency (Titanium grade 4, Titanium grade 5, Stainless steel 17-4 PH) respects the regulatory requirements through certified analysis of the batch’s casting.


Suppliers guarantee that the material isn’t radioactive throgh certified analysys.


Suppliers must attach the X-Ray test, that guarantees the absence of little cracks, to the batch..

During the production cycle

During the treatment process of the implant surfaces, the titanium purity is controlled again to ensure that it’s consistent with the technical file. An XPS scanner is used to analyse the materials on the surface and to verify the percentages of the elements composing the alloy of titanium that has been used.

Final product control

At the end of the production cycle, before the sterilisation and the packaging, every product is controlled to ensure the conformity with the quality standards, by using stereoscopic microscopes. If a product doesn’t meet the requirements it’s discarded. Every package is checked to prevent any packaging problems.

External quality control system

The external check is made by audit societies with expertise in the implant sector, so that an objective and independent control is guaranteed. The external check verifies the conformity of the product with CLC SCIENTIFIC’s quality standards, which are higher than the regulatory requirements.