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S.L.A. Surface Treatment

For many year the implant surface was characterized by a slick surface. This kind of surface has been used for more than 30 years and it has shown an high grade of success for edentolous and partially edentolous patients.

However, this surface has been substituted by rough surface, modified in order to increase the contact between implant and bone, promoting the osteoblast response.

Surface treatment

The CLC CONIC rough surface is obtained by a grained gross sandblasting followed by a double process of acidification.

The unique combination between an high grade ( using titanium granule) and low grade ( acid etching) is typical of S.L.A. surface and is also the key point for excellent clinical performances and for the poor susceptibility to perimplant infections.

The surface treatment process is strictly controlled through different analysis post process in order to evaluate the quality:

The controls

  • Chemical surface analysis made by an XPS machine ( X ray electro-photography spectroscopy)
  • Topography surface analysis made by SEM ( Scanned electronic microscopy)
  • Cytotoxicity test

After the surface treatment the implant is subject to other two processes:

1. double contamination cycle, cleaning using dedicated solvents and cold argon plasma treatment, that guarantees that any remaining contaminants are completely removed.

2. double sterilization cycle using radiation by accelerated charge.

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