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Material’s choice

The CLC CONIC implants are made by titanium grade IV, following the standard UNI9763-3 and ASTM F37. Whereas, the prosthetic components are made by titanium V, following the standard UNI9763-3 and ASTM F136.

We use titanium because is a material which benefits the following chemicals and mechanical features:

  • It facilitates the osteointegration
  • ha una notevole resistenza alla corrosione
  • High grade of biocompatibility
  • Low grade of thermal expansion
  • Absence of magnetic property

Titanium grade IV

The titanium IV, is also known as the most resistant titanium among the 4 grades of pure titanium. This material is used to make CLC SCIENTIFIC implants because it has an higher bioactivity compared to the grade 5 during the first days after the implant insertion.

Titanium grade V

Titanium V has been chosen to make prosthetic components because of the chemical properties of the elements which constitute it. The titanium grade V is formed by 6% of aluminum and 4% of vanadium. Aluminum improves the hardness and reduces the specific weights, improving the elasticity. Vanadium improves also the hardness and decreases the thermal conductivity, improving at the same time the resistance against wear and fatigue.

The controls

CLC SCIENTIFIC controls carefully to guarantee that the incoming raw materials respect the strict company’s standards, which are higher than the regulatory ones. The incoming raw materials, so the titanium bars must have these following document to be accepted:

Titanium grade IV Titanium grade V
Minimum requirements ISO5832-2 Minimum requirements CLC SCIENTIFIC Minimum requirements ISO5832-3 Minimum requirements CLC SCIENTIFIC
Yield strength 483 MPa 650 MPa 795 MPa 850 Mpa
Tensile strength 550 MPa 800 MPa 860 MPa 1000 MPa

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