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CLC's Guarantee and Serenity Service

CLC SCIENTIFIC's Guarantee for responsible doctors and dentists covers the replacement of implants, prosthetic components and instruments, according to terms and conditions specified in the official guarantee document.

Implant Guarantee

The implant guarantee lasts 10 years. In cases of finalised restoration, the guarantee covers the replacement by an equivalent implant and secondary component.

Prosthetic Guarantee

Prosthetic parts and accessories guarantee lasts five years. It covers the replacement by equivalent prosthetic abutments and accessories.

Serenity Service

CLC SCIENTIFIC Serenity Service enables our operators to request the guarantee quickly and easily. By contacting our customer service, the Serenity folder may be requested, which contains all the necessary documents:

Check list steps to request the guarantee

Complaint form


Identification stickers for sterilized

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